Cooking Classes


Our team offers a range of culinary discoveries for those with a passion for the art of cooking.
A 3 to 4-hour cooking class with wine included, starting price per guest: 250 euros.


Our team will uplift your talents in the kitchen as you expand your culinary skills with exciting demonstrations.
A 2 to 3-hour culinary demonstration with wine included, starting price per guest: 150 euros.

**Please note that for the Cooking Classes and Culinary Demonstrations, a kitchen the size of 25m2 (260 square feet) minimum is required. Kitchens might be rented separately with an extra cost (price to be determined).

Our themes:

Chocolate Experience

Smooth, silky, fragrant… heated or chilled, comforting or exciting. Chocolate in all of its forms! A chocolate factory is no longer a dream uniquely for children. Enter our “chocolate factory” and learn how to make chocolate cakes, candies or even drinks.

To complete your Chocolate class, how about a few surprises? A souvenir box to take your creations home, Blanc de Blancs champagne served during the cooking workshop as well as Tea & Sicilian Coffee selections to pair with your chocolate creations.

And to reproduce your Chocolate class at home, Chef Didier selects the perfect tea from Le Palais des Thés that will bring back the great memories of your cooking workshop.

Brunch Experience

From the traditional French petit dejeuner to the trendy Brunch found these days in Paris, warm croissants will welcome you with perfectly brewed tea selections from Le Palais des Thés and Sicilian coffee… Now we’re ready to go!

Chef Didier will introduce you to the secrets of this delightful dance of sweet and savory: luscious cooked-to-perfection eggs (including the traditional French omelet) paired with his grandmother’s original sautéed potatoes recipe (you won’t find these in cookbooks!).
Fresh, seasonal fruit juice cocktails, jams, butter and bread assortments, cheeses from our Maître affineur (who will join us to share his knowledge), the best prosciutto from Italy, wild smoked salmon…

Oh, did we mention that you will learn how to prepare our homemade buckwheat blini served with pan-seared foie gras and caviar Chantilly? Wait until you taste them!

Wine and champagne selections to pair with your brunch cooking workshop will create an unforgettable class… You will never look at a brunch menu in the same way!

Soufflés Experience

Light, airy, delicate… sweet or savory (or a little bit of both). What could be more French than the soufflé? Learn how to make a traditional cheese or chocolate soufflé, or embark upon an adventure for your palate with a variety such as apricot-verbena. Chef Didier has a suggestion for any of your tastes, any of your moods…

And when your soufflé exits the oven in all of its splendor, prepare your taste buds… Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Soufflés class.

Fish & Shellfish Experience

Explore fish and shellfish French style! Work with fresh-caught lobster, scallops, sea bass and turbot just to name a few. Or learn how to prepare traditional French fish soups!

Our fish & shellfish are all wild caught. We do not use farm raised. According to your wishes, your cooking workshop may include a focus on fish selection and basic preparation, or work at an advanced level.

A traditional Sole Meunière, a grilled lobster prepared with our unique smoker box, colorful and flavorful plants & herbs to create exceptional broths and silky sauces… You might not hear the calls of seagulls, but your Fish & Shellfish class will bring you a step closer to the seashore!

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the class will complete your cooking workshop.

Quiches & Tarts Experience

Sitting at a sidewalk café and enjoying a slice of quiche or savory tart is a classic Parisian experience. This cooking workshop will help you take that moment home.

Learn the classic Quiche Lorraine, or discover how to make our other favorites: vegetable quiche or onion tart, for example. Chef Didier has plenty of suggestions according to seasonal produces and personal inspiration!

It all starts with the creation of the perfect French style crust: flaky, buttery, crispy… We will show you how simple it gets once you learn our secrets in your cooking workshop!

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Quiches & Tarts class.

Provence Experience

You may be visiting Paris, but you still can get a taste of Provence in this delicious cooking workshop flavored with a bit of olive oil and tomatoes! As you create a pissaladière with a beautiful puffed pastry crust or a traditional ratatouille composed of sunny vegetables, thyme, rosemary and special Provence olive oil, you will expand your culinary horizons beyond the City of Light.

Chef Didier will not adopt the typical French Southern accent and loud cicada sounds may not be present during your cooking workshop, but with a bit of imagination, the Mediterranean Sea will be there in the background!

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru, Premier Cru & Rosé wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Provence class.

Risotto Experience

Creamy, creamier and creamiest… That best describes Chef Didier’s risotto. And during this cooking workshop, he is ready to share his tricks of the trade.

How about a simple shrimp risotto? Or perhaps risotto with white truffles from Alba? The list of possibilities is endless! Chef Didier will guide you through the preparation of this specialty of Northern Italy.

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Risotto class.

Sauces Experience

From béchamel to beurre blanc, French cuisine is all about sauces.

A pinch of fleur de sel, fresh creamy butter, tangy mustard, farm fresh eggs: These are just a few of our favorite ingredients when we create our smooth and flavorful sauces. Learn the basics or work on the advanced and innovative in this cooking workshop.

Choosing the best produces and cuts of meat, Chef Didier will create with you several quick and easy recipes to pair with your sauces and will show you how to associate flavors.

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Sauces class.

Foie Gras Experience

Foie gras… Need we say more?! This delicacy is still the perfect French touch in every elegant menu.

It’s all about foie gras! Foie gras lollipops with spicy pistachio crumbs, traditional pan-seared Foie gras scaloppini with a balsamic glaze, the real French foie gras “au torchon,” cooked to perfection… Or how about a black truffle foie gras broth with its green asparagus mousse? Let us be your guide!

Blanc de Blancs champagne and Grand Cru & Premier Cru wines served during the cooking workshop will enhance your Foie Gras class.